Hedge Cutting

If you need our hedge cutting, hedge trimming or lawn mowing services, we have the years of experience and knowhow that you need. We also offer pruning services let us know as we have a friendly and expert team ready to help. We pride ourselves on providing personal, quality gardening services in the Lancaster and Morecambe area.

We follow the hedge cutting law and here is a useful link if you need to learn more.

Hedge Law


For Hedge Cutting Lancaster or Morecambe please contact us

Tree Pruning and Tree Felling

We provide safe and professional tree felling in Lancaster and Morecambe. Tree Felling is the complete removal of an unwanted or dangerous tree by systematically removing it in sections. The tree is then reduced to a stump which will then probably need removing with a stump grinding machine. We can provide stump-grinding services to completely remove the left over tree stump ready for grassing over or cultivating.

For Tree Felling Lancaster or Morecambe please contact us

Weed Killing/Spraying

Weeds are unsightly and for most people a real pain. Here at Grassy Hill we have years of experience in how to manage and remove weeds. Whether you have a small overgrown back garden or a commercial property that requires ongoing weed removal you can rest assured that we will be on top of those pesky weeds!

For Weeding Services Lancaster or Morecambe please contact us

General Garden Maintenance

We are great at handling any type of garden maintenance jobs. Our garden services in Lancaster & Morecambe includes work in domestic gardens from lawn mowing to leaf clearance.

We provide our own lawnmowers and any specialised equipment so you can rest assured you will be left with a beautifully cut lawn. With years of experience tending Morecambe Golf Clubs ground the standard you will receive will be above and beyond.

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Jet Washing (Patios & Paving)

A usual jet washing job will receive an application of a cleaning solution which helps to remove difficult stains and unwanted grime from any surface. The solution we use is biodegradable and breaks down into eco safe compounds, which will not harm anyone or loved pets. Then comes the jet washing part of the process. And when the jet washing is completed and the surface is looking like new, an application of biocide prevents any regrowth for longer.

Why not give us a call on 07875 074413 or contact us to get your free jet washing quote in Lancaster or Morecambe.

  • Jet washing decking and fencing
  • Jet washing driveways and block paving
  • Full patio cleaning
  • House washing including render, paint or stone
  • Jet washing walls, tarmac, concrete
  • Car parks and communal areas

Why not give us a call on 07875 074413 or contact us to get your free patio/paving quote in Lancaster or Morecambe.

Soft Landscaping

Last but not least we offer Soft landscaping in the Lancaster and Morecambe area. Soft landscaping is a term used to mostly describe the processes used when working with natural materials and other landscaping techniques that do not involve construction. This includes turfing, tree maintenance, hedge maintenance and pruning as a few examples.

To get Soft Landscaping Services in Lancaster and Morecambe call 07875 074413 or contact us

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